Vincent Magnotta, portrait

Vincent A. Magnotta, PhD

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Research Summary

Dan Thedens, PhD

Daniel R. Thedens, PhD

Mathews Jacob, portrait

Mathews Jacob, PhD

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CBIG Lab Page

Mani Merry, portrait

Merry P. Mani, PhD

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MIL Lab Page

Sajan Goud Lingala, portrait

Sajan Goud Lingala, PhD

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Sean Fain, portrait

Sean B. Fain, PhD

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James H. Holmes, portrait

James H. Holmes, PhD

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Chu-yu Lee, portrait

Chu-Yu Lee, PhD

Jia Xu, portrait

Jia Xu, PhD

Our Research Collaborators

The research projects undertaken at the MR Research Center are frequently done in collaboration with other University of Iowa departments.  Find out more about the research going on in these other departments: